Alexander Merkulov

Alexander Merkulov

Pianist and Composer

Dear music lovers!

I am a pianist and composer. I compose in different genres and music directions, from symphonies to piano pieces, from classical to pop. But there is something which unites my works: The music comes from my heart. And I hope my music will also reach your hearts.

On my website you can find the works of different degrees of difficulty.

Play, sing and enjoy my music!

Latest sheet music
Classical / Piece
Religious / Christian
Mein Stern
Classical / Choral music
Classical / Symphonic music
Nameless pieces, No.3
Classical / Piece
Nameless pieces, No.2
Classical / Piece
Nameless pieces, No.1
Classical / Piece
Classical / Instrumental
Prelude for piano and choir
Classical / Choral music
Film / TV / Show / Instrumental